PVN SiteWorks

Unlock Historic Reuse

Good sites for redevelopment are hard to find. Locating and identifying the strongest sites is both competitive and challenging. Developers seeking historic and existing buildings for reuse face further obstacles: Information about these properties is collected by multiple parties and reported in a variety of locations and formats. Historic significance is often unknown or stored in inaccessible forms, and, by the time a property comes to market, the opportunity for greatest value is often lost. Visible City has teamed up with site reuse strategists at PVN to create a proprietary mapping and site identification tool.  This tool aggregates and analyzes data to allow clients to find better sites more efficiently and at lesser cost than a conventional site identification process: PVNSiteWorks Powered by Visible City.

PVN and Visible City present a powerful combination of geospatial analysis combined with a deep understanding of the regulatory and economic framework for site reuse and historic preservation. Client-specific searches are created to meet customized criteria for redevelopment success. Visible City creates, compiles, and deploys client-specific criteria for single parcels, or a collection of adjacent parcels.  This custom criteria meets key project characteristics while PVN interprets initial redevelopment potential.

Sample data sets include:

  • Historic significance and potential designation
  • Parcel size
  • Square footage and vintage
  • Zoning
  • Proximity to jobs
  • Housing
  • Transit or other key factors
  • Location in a qualified Census tract or other geographies.

With PVNSiteWorks, clients obtain a highly-curated set of properties that meet desirable and specific characteristics.  This data is valuable for redevelopment, ongoing support in the determination of feasibility for reuse, and a competitive advantage in any market. Let’s connect.