Data Advantage

Data-driven planning, management and evaluation

Visible City generates original insights for clients focused on urban areas. We help clients articulate key questions underlying their goals, which guide every element of our work together. With goals articulated, we identify and analyze diverse sets of high-value urban geospatial data layers to produce answers. Where data is insufficient or patchy, we work with our clients to fill in gaps through survey work, and through technological collaborations we bring to the project. Typical analytics questions relate to prioritizing investments, areas or regions, as well as evaluation, system reconfiguration, and predictive modeling. Specific examples of project types include:

Real-time Downtown

Comprehensive analysis and comparison of a downtown area, using numerous criteria such as demography, social media activity, employment by sector, market value, transit/pedestrian/auto patterns

Park System Evaluation

Collection and analysis of park user patterns, across numerous sites with overlapping facility and program offerings, and recommendations about how usage can shape park design, features, and programs

Multiple Locations

Evaluation of existing locations, and identification of prospective additions, for a client managing a bricks-and-mortar portfolio of sites to reach customers, to establish whether operations are aligned with goals

Street Corner Circulation

Measurement of how pedestrians approach a subway station, and how these circulation patterns translate to priorities for investments by a transport agency

Mapping Food Deserts

An examination of the availability of quality food across the geography of a major US city

Quantify Return on Investment

Quantification of the impact or performance of an investment, improvement or program

We understand these kinds of study topics, and we know how to deliver conclusions using geospatial data.

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