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City Data: Unique Objectives for your next move.

Visible City is making a market working with clients to process very large, often real-time data sets to identify specific locations matching highly customized criteria. Whether a developer, lender, public agency or other party, we advance our clients’ unique objectives through data-driven findings and recommendations. In each region, we collect and analyze characteristics of millions of land parcels and structures.  That data is intended to expedite our clients’ decision making in critical location choices. Specific examples of our intelligent search products:

Custom Searches
We are routinely engaged by clients who are seeking to identify and compare locations that suit their own list of criteria. Some clients may have a short list or a list of dozens of factors for which they are consideriing. We help clients evaluate metrics surrounding things like: workforce availability, transportation accessibility, demonstrated activity using social media or cell phone usage, construction and investment trends. As a result, we validate or realign a client’s intuition and methods to simplify and accelerate their operation.
PVN SiteWorks
PVN SiteWorks, powered by Visible City.

In collaboration with historic reuse leaders Preservation Design Works, we deploy the PVN SiteWorks product for our clients to reveal high opportunity sites for historic reuse as housing, commercial, civic or other purposes. In addition to a high-volume analytic tool, PVN SiteWorks also includes expert evaluation of the viability of sites as eligible for state and federal historic tax credits. Clients using the PVN SiteWorks product are engaged in an accelerated process that produces a curated list detailing quality, promising sites for potential acquisition.

The federal low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) program is administered by state agencies, which each manage the allocation of credits according to their own policy priorities. Most states use a scoring process that rewards those projects that most closely reflect these policy priorities. The MetroLIHTC product is designed to help developers and state and local housing agencies accelerate and streamline the identification of high-potential sites for affordable housing. The Visible City team uses the MetroLIHTC product to process every parcel in a metro area for LIHTC program criteria as well as proprietary investment criteria essential to clients.

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